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Synthetic paper

pp synthetic paper is a new type of text and picture is made of polypropylene with some additives, which is soft, strong resistance to tension, high resistance to water, light, and heat, and can resist the corrosion of chemical substances without environmental pollution and good air permeability. It is widely used in the printing of advanced artworks, maps, picture albums, high-grade books, periodicals, stickers,in-film labels, and advertising supplies.

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The following are the downstream products of synthetic paper

Waterproof and tear-proof

pp synthetic paper is made of polypropylene polymer, so it has strong water resistance and will not be softened or deformed by being soaked in water. The synthetic paper produced by our company is a high density product, so it has excellent toughness and can not be rotten by hand.


Because pp synthetic paper is usually used alone, not compounded with other materials, or only with pp materials, and pp material recycling and reuse industry technologies are quite mature, so the recycling and recycling costs are low and can be more easily promoted.


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