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Construction Plans

Custom film width

Customize the width of the film according to the customer’s requirements, and take 5cm as the minimum scale, such as 85cm,90cm and 95cm, with the width not less than 40cm.

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Quote using various trade terms

Usually quote FCA FOB CIF price, if you have other requirements, you can also communicate.


Different performance products

The company has an excellent team of engineers, according to customer needs, the film performance improvement.


Visit the factory

Welcome friends at home and abroad to learn about our company.

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Samples available

Samples can be provided free of charge, but the express fee is not included, because the express cost of China to send to foreign countries is usually several hundred yuan, and a large number of customers need samples, which is a big expense. The rising cost will make the quotation higher, which is adverse to the customers who have intentions,Free is the most expensive thing in the world.


Adequate capacity

The company has three major production bases, each of which can produce about 2000 tons of thin film a month, which can supply global customers steadily.


Company Address

We’d love To Meet You In Person Or Via The Web!

Contact Us

Main Office: No.80, longchuanwu Road
Yuhang District, Hangzhou City,
Zhejiang Province, China, Zipcode 311100
Phone: +86 15962209098

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 If you get no response from me for a long time, please contact me through the E-mail or Phone number, because the network communication between China and foreign countries may be unstable and delayed, please understand and contact me at any time.

WhatsApp: +8615325060289

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