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Pearlized BOPP

Pearlized BOPP is made of polypropylene resin as raw material, adding calcium carbonate and pearlite pigment, etc. As a result of the use of the mechanical foaming method, so the density of pearl film is only about 0.7, and the density of PP is about 0.9, so soft packaging enterprises are willing to choose. because cheap and good decorative, excellent performance. General composite structure of BOPP pearlized film /CPP, BOPP pearlized film /PE, due to a certain pearlized effect, is often used in all kinds of packaging, such as ice cream, heat seal labels, sweets, biscuits, snacks packaging.





Low density

The product density is lower than that of most other materials because the pearlite film is biaxially stretched using pp. Moreover, the price of pp raw materials is relatively cheap, resulting in very cheap price per unit area of bopp pearlite film.

Stable performance

Because the pearlized film is made of pp raw materials, calcium carbonate and pearlite pigment, these materials are relatively stable materials, after modification, the product structure is more stable, the product presents pearlite color, for the cold and hotter environment have good adaptability, can be used for many different purposes.

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